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How to Prepare for an Interview

  • Publish Date: Posted 8 months ago
  • Author:by Abi Dickson

​A job interview is your opportunity to prove to potential employers why you’d be a suitable fit for their team. While it’s natural to feel nervous and question what you may be asked, preparation and a positive mindset, can help you approach the day with confidence. Within this blog, we’ll cover some helpful tips to aid you in entering your interview with a professional mindset.

Try to Stay Calm

Entering a job interview, you may feel anxious, with the questions and outcome being out of your control, but staying calm is the key to presenting yourself in the most genuine form. Allowing yourself to keep nerves at bay can help you to think more clearly, enabling you to answer questions and portray yourself accurately. Prior to the interview, practicing potential questions, and preparing yourself for speaking out loud, can assist you in staying calm and collected under pressure. It’s important to remember, that nerves are natural, and with the correct preparation, this may help to suppress anxiety before an interview.

Research the Company

Before you attend your interview, it’s essential to research the company you are interviewing for. Allowing yourself to learn about the company can present an element of interest and dedication for being a part of the team, whilst also showcasing the research you have independently completed. By doing this, the employer will be able to recognise the time you’ve taken to understand the company, its values, and what they stand for, which can ultimately set you aside as a proactive and dedicated candidate. Not only this but gaining knowledge for the company itself, may assist you in responding to questions effectively and crafting answers to align with the organisation's goals. Additionally, forming an understanding of the organisation may provide you with questions you might want to ask, which can display your curiosity to learn, displaying enthusiasm for the job role. Following this top tip can increase your chances of making a memorable impact on the company.

Showcase your Accomplishments

During a job interview, it’s vital to showcase your accomplishments and prove you’re worthy of the job role. Sharing your skills and achievements can portray evidence for your ability and skills, therefore giving the interviewers a sense of confidence in your capability within the role. Not only this but highlighting your accomplishments may help to set you aside from other candidates, providing you with the opportunity to sell yourself. Naturally, when you’re talking about your own success, your confidence can increase enabling a sense of passion to shine through, ultimately creating a positive impression. Moreover, sharing further insight into yourself can lead to discussions during the interview, allowing for an in-depth and engaging conversation.

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Be Punctual

Being on time for a job interview is one of the most important factors, which speaks volumes for your reliability and dedication to the job opportunity, statistics show that 84% of employers regard lateness to the initial interview as the worst possible interview offense. It is vital to prepare effectively for the interview, allowing yourself sufficient time to be punctual. Arriving at your interview 5 minutes prior also demonstrates an element of respect for the interviewers’ time constraints while presenting your enthusiasm toward the role. Not only does arriving on time ensure that you can compose yourself, but it also highlights your ability to manage your schedule effectively, which is a highly employable trait.

Dress Appropriately

Dressing appropriately for an interview is significantly important as it is a representation of your respect for the job opportunity and also presents your understanding of the professional standards of an interview. It is important to remember, that what you wear impacts the employers' first initial impression of you. In fact ,62% of employersstate that a candidate's choice of outfit affects the hiring decision. Beyond making a positive first impression, dressing in smart attire can aid in boosting your confidence, therefore helping you to convey yourself well throughout the interview. Ultimately, dressing correctly for any interview is vital in communicating your commitment and understanding the importance of addressing yourself professionally.

Body Language

Body language within an interview is a key factor in presenting yourself as being engaged, and able to foster a sense of connection with the interviewer. It is vital during an interview process, that you can maintain a confident presence, greeting your interviewer with a firm handshake is always a great start! Throughout the interview, your posture should be upright, this will allow you to manage your nerves and also shape the way you will be perceived during the interview. According to UK Careers Fair, 55%of the cues we receive during an interview in fact come from our own body language, meaning that if you aren’t sending the right signals with your posture, you may miss out on vital opportunities.

Overall, a successful job interview requires a combination of confidence, preparation, and your own authenticity. By following these top tips, you can enter the interview with the correct approach, tailoring your way into potentially securing the job at hand.

Good Luck with your interview process, and if you happen to be searching for a job role yourself, why not check out our current vacancies below?

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