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Digital Forensics Investigator

Job Description

Job Title: Digital Forensics Investigator
Responsible to: Digital Forensics & Cyber Manager

Job Purpose:

  • Responsible for the identification, recovery, analysis, and reporting on examination of computer-related material in criminal, civil, or disciplinary investigations.
  • Work as a Covert Internet Investigator on cyber-enabled or cyber-dependent investigations.
  • Provide programming skills to produce applications as required by the Department.
  • Provide professional evidence in criminal casework, appearing at criminal courts in prosecution action, anywhere in the UK.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Investigations:

    • Investigate allegations of fraud, corruption, or other irregularity against the council or its partners.
    • Attend search and seizure operations executed by the department against criminals, providing expert advice on identifying and seizing computer-related material.
  2. Forensic Analysis:

    • Undertake examinations of electronic material seized in criminal investigations, including computers, mobile phones, and other devices.
    • Produce professional reports on findings to investigation teams, lawyers, and other key stakeholders.
  3. Covert Operations:

    • Act as a Covert Internet Investigator, supporting investigations by securing evidence and bringing offenders before the courts.
    • Prepare and deliver operational orders and briefings for covert surveillance activities.
  4. Court Proceedings:

    • Prepare professional witness statements and provide evidence at court.
    • Act as first or second officer in interviews under caution conducted in accordance with the Police & Criminal Evidence Act.
  5. Programming and Training:

    • Provide programming skills to produce applications required by the department.
    • Deliver relevant training to colleagues and partners on forensic computer-related matters.

Person Specification:

  • Essential Skills and Abilities:

    • Excellent communication and report-writing skills.
    • Ability to interpret and explain relevant legislation.
    • Good numeracy, literacy, and analytical skills.
    • Proficiency in using Word, Excel, and investigation packages.
    • Proven track record of successful inter-agency working.
  • Desirable Skills and Abilities:

    • Ability to deliver training.
    • Accredited Covert Internet Investigator (CII).
  • Essential Knowledge and Experience:

    • Relevant law enforcement accreditation in investigations.
    • Experience in forensic analysis of computers and mobile phones.
    • Knowledge of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 and related legislation.
    • Experience in economic crime investigations and court proceedings.
  • Desirable Knowledge and Experience:

    • EnCE or equivalent certification.
    • Experience using the Police National Computer.
    • SC Clearance

If you would be interested in applying or would like anymore information please send your CV to or call 01772 208962.