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Software Development Lead

Job Description

Job Title: Software and Web Development Lead
Location: Newport, Isle of Wight.
Contract 6 Months

Job Description:
The Software and Web Development Lead is responsible for coordinating and leading a team of developers to ensure the timely and within-budget delivery of web and software solutions that meet customer requirements. This role plays a critical role in the ongoing development and delivery of corporate applications, websites, and the intranet to enhance the efficiency of council services and drive cost savings. The primary objective is to identify and meet the needs of service users, customers, and website visitors by designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining appropriate software and web solutions.

Key Responsibilities:

Project Life cycle Management: Plan, monitor, and control the development of web and software applications throughout the project life cycle, collaborating with the ICT Digital Services Manager as needed.

Team Leadership: Allocate, lead, and motivate team members to ensure that tasks are completed on time, within budget, and meet quality standards.

Supervision: Undertake supervisory and management functions within the Software Development team.

Feasibility Analysis: Assist the ICT Digital Services Manager in assessing the feasibility of future websites and web applications, providing insights on development approaches, programming languages, and methodologies.

Requirements Identification: Fully identify the requirements of customers and website visitors, and collaborate with the team to design, develop, implement, and maintain software and web solutions that align with these needs.

Effective Communication: Maintain clear and concise communication with internal and external stakeholders, ensuring customers are well-informed in case of issues.

Problem Resolution: Respond to user problems and inquiries, investigate the nature of issues, assess operational and system impact, and develop and implement suitable technical and business solutions. Collaborate with operational colleagues, team members, and external support services as needed.

Business Process Improvement: Collaborate with services to review and potentially re engineer business processes to enhance service delivery efficiency and facilitate online transactions and system improvements.

Database Interfaces: Work with the Software Development team to develop interfaces between web and software solutions and back-end databases to enable dynamic transaction-based services.

Solution Configuration: Specify, install, configure, and maintain solutions required to support the effective development and delivery of transaction-based Internet and Intranet sites.

Compliance: Maintain and apply all relevant software development standards across all project and business-as-usual (BAU) development work.