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Job Description

Southwark council are recruiting for a Maths Tutor

Functional Skills maths tutor required 12-20 hours per week Must be available for daytime and up to two evenings a week Must have experience of delivering accredited FS maths courses


  1. To undertake teaching duties, including initial assessments of learners, identifying individual learning needs and referring to learning support as appropriate, and to give learner induction and tutorials.

  1. To appropriately plan for teaching and learning, which includes preparing course outlines and producing schemes of work and lesson plans; ensuring there are appropriate and up-to-date courses files; identifying materials and equipment resources needed to assist the provision of teaching and learning; production of appropriate flexible learning materials; undertaking course reviews.

  1. To ensure there is a complete, accurate and up-to-date class register(s). To be responsible for withdrawing and transferring learners in liaison with the curriculum team leader / manager. To maintain high levels of retention, achievement and to support learner progression. To monitor learner attendance and punctuality and take appropriate action as required.

  1. To ensure that the progress and achievement of learners is recognised and recorded, including marking of learners' work and making sure that all learners have appropriate individual learning plans; to provide retention and achievement information to the curriculum team leader / manager.

  1. To undertake in consultation with the curriculum team leader / manager and any other appropriate service staff any work required for the accreditation of courses and for the effective organisation of examinations and assessments. To undertake the assessment and recording of learner outcomes including the completion of exam entry forms.

  1. To comply with safeguarding requirements, including all Health and Safety and GDPR regulations and, in particular, be familiar with the procedure to be adopted in case of fire and risk assessment of learning activity in the learning environment.

  1. To observe and actively promote equal opportunities policies in the classroom, in the syllabus and learning materials and in all relationships with the Service.

  1. To ensure the security of both the classroom and any equipment borrowed or used within the classroom.

  1. To attend and contribute to course team meetings.

  1. To undertake appropriate training identified through the management process.

  1. To participate in the Service's self-assessment and development planning process.

  1. To comply with any reasonable request in relation to the teaching programme made by the Service.

if you're intersted in this role please email your CV to or call 01772 208964