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Social Worker

Job Description

Social Worker - Children in Care

Job Description

London Borough of Newham are currently seeking a qualified Social Worker with experience in Children in Care to join their team. As a Children in Care Social Worker, you will provide statutory services to children who are in the company's care and their families and support networks. You will be responsible for providing Circles of Support around children to ensure their happiness and safety when the company is acting in its role as a corporate parent. You will work restoratively and use systemic tools and ideas to drive the development of a team culture where good practice can flourish to the benefit of all.

About You

Newham Council welcomes applications from qualified social workers of varying experience levels, though they do expect applicants to have completed their ASYE and have gained some experience within the team/service that they are applying for. A firm understanding of working with children in care and their families and support networks is essential and needs to be demonstrated in application and subsequently at interview. Applicants must have a valid registration with Social Work England. They are looking for social workers who have a genuine interest in a restorative, relationship-based practice model drawing on systemic thinking to inform your approach to building effective relationships with children, young people and their families.


  • Qualified Social Worker
  • Experience in Children in Care
  • Completed ASYE
  • Firm understanding of working with children in care and their families and support networks
  • Valid registration with Social Work England

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for the position please send your updated CV to or call 01772 208 964.