Looking to return to Social Work practice?

Reignite Social Work is a unique educational program created by Service Care Solutions, in partnership with the University of Central Lancashire. Service Care is the only agency in the UK that offers social workers a way of returning to frontline practice after a significant break away.

Our specialist recruiters are currently looking for social workers that have fallen away from the practice, no matter how long it's been since you left work. We’re not an agency that tries to sell you inexperienced candidates at exorbitant fees, we have discovered a gap in the market for practitioners with the experience you need.

Reach out to one of our specialists today:

Divisional Lead, Oscar Morgan-Done - 01772 208 964 - oscar.morgan@servicecare.org.uk

Senior Divisional Manager, Sophie Wimbush - 01772 208 964 - sophie.wimbush@servicecare.org.uk

Head of Division, Josh Holland - 01772 208 964 - joshua.holland@servicecare.org.uk

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